I am Abbie Nooday, but you will call Me Princess Nooday or Princess Abbie. I also accept the title of Goddess. I was never too keen on Mistress though. 

I'm a BBW/SSBBW financial dominatrix/female dominatrix as well as a phone sex operator and clip provider. My style of dominating is very much bratty princess meets the girlfriend experience. The type of girlfriend who will welcome you home with a kiss, then take all the money out of your wallet in front of you before kicking you in the balls and laughing in your face that is. I have a cruelty that underlies My caring nature and a wicked imagination to help egg it on. I'm like the sour patch kid of Dommes.


Some of My favorite fetishes are CBT and ballbusting, mental chastity, long term chastity, tease and denial, orgasm control and torture, sissification, raise the rate, wallet rinsing, breath control, JOI, and just so much more. I think if I had to sit down and list every single thing it would cover this entire page.


I also love to learn about other people's fetishes. It's one of My favorite things as a Domme. 

I enjoy submissives that expand My horizons so to speak. I feel that it is part of My job to be constantly learning. I do have a few limits when it comes to fetishes though. I do not cater to the ruination fetish and I do not do forced intoxication, blackmail, or home wrecking. I am fine with doing a role play session over the phone with these fetishes but none of them actually appeal to Me.

I love being a financial dominant and draining My little piggies of their money. However, My submissives should take that as motivation to work harder to impress Me and make Me happy. Better living through BDSM and all that. I am always working to improve Myself and My submissives should mirror that, not strive to have their life in shambles. 

The reason why I love being a Domme is the ecstasy I get from being in control, and I want to have complete control. If you're so drained you can't get to your job to make money, to Me that is losing control. I also have no control over what drugs or alcohol do to your system and there is too much room for error to make it worth My while. I don't believe in wrecking homes. Blackmail is just illegal and no submissive is worth Me getting taken to court.


Beyond BDSM, I am bisexual (which means I'll talk to anyone) and a nerdy, goth/grunge cutie. I love horror and fantasy and am a huge fan of comic books. Although I am more into said horror and fantasy comics than Marvel or DC. I do love the X-Men though and am trying to get back into them. Some of My favorite comics are Mercy Sparx, Tooth and Claw, The Crow, and Nightbreed. I am a huge Nightbreed and Clive Barker fan. I own all of the old Nightbreed comics and am currently working on obtaining the Nightbreed/Hellraiser crossover. 

I'm a big music whore, I'll listen to almost anything but I mainly like goth or grunge music. I love nerd rappers like mc chris and MC Frontalot.

I will always choose Star Trek over Star Wars and My favorite Treks are the original for the nostalgia factor and Deep Space 9. Mainly for the Ferengi. I think they are a bit to blame for My current career. What can I say? Ferengi Rule Of Acquisition #62 and #121.

Want to know more about Me? Call Me on Niteflirt to talk to Me!

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